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"unique proactive approach"

GeneFuel (Pty) Ltd. is a company specializing in the unique proactive approach for the remote monitoring and refueling of diesel generators.  We operate differently to conventional diesel suppliers as we engage with our customers’ generator fuel needs 24/7/365.  This can only be achieved by working intelligently.  GeneFuel has developed a remote off-site monitoring solution which reads the telemetry from the generator controller and which enables proper logistical planning of diesel deliveries during unplanned outages and load shedding.  


Remotely monitoring

Our services include:

  • Remotely monitoring of diesel generators 24/7/365.  We have a monitoring unit we install on the generator controller that reads all the available telemetry on the generator controller in real time.  The monitoring is dependent on the type of controller, so we like to do a quick site visit to assess but just some examples are:
    • When there is a power failure;
    • If the generator has started during the power failure;
    • When the power has returned, has the generator stopped; 
    • Battery voltage, mode of generator, if emergency stop has been activated by accident;
    • Fuel levels of the tanks (if the fuel level sensor is integrated into the controller);
    • All alarms that have been triggered;
    • Notifications are sent via sms and back-up emails to the relevant customer contact person as well as to GeneFuel;
    • E-mail reports about the incidents are sent, as well as runtime reports.
    • Daily summarized report about the status of the generator (like a daily checklist that everything is right with the generator);
    • GeneFuel has a webportal, everybody necessary will receive login details if they wish to check the generator anytime and anywhere.


  • Refueling of the generator tank:
    • If we are able to read the fuel level, we keep the tank as full as possible with 50ppm diesel at all times;
    • We deliver diesel 24/7/365;
    • We have 1500 & 2500 liter bowzers, delivery is quick and painless;
    • Our drivers are Hazchem qualified to transport and handle diesel in a safe manner;
    • Our trucks are fully compliant (Fire Permits) to transport diesel;
    • We have Environmental and Public Liability insurance. 

We do not charge for our monitors, they remain the property of GeneFuel, we charge a minimal monthly monitoring fee (same principle as car-tracking companies) and installation is done free of charge.