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Passionate experts, dedicated to ensuring your business continuity.

"lifeline that keeps millions of businesses"

We all know that back-up generators are an absolute lifeline that keeps millions of businesses productive and open during power outages or load shedding. This is a critical function of any business continuity plan.

GeneFuel was established to assist businesses with their back-up generator refueling needs at a time when load shedding and power outages became unprecedented in South Africa. We understood the stress associated with finding a professional and reliable supplier that could deliver diesel in time and in a safe manner.

Since then we are proud to have built up a good reputation with hundreds of happy customers in Gauteng. We listened to business owners, facility managers, store managers, IT managers or anybody that owns a generator and this helped us to develop GeneFuel further.

"we developed our own innovative remote monitoring solution"

GeneFuel has come a long way. Not only do we refuel generators, we developed our own innovative remote monitoring solution. We noticed that the normal reactive refueling of the generators are fraught with insecurities and time is the enemy. With technology in all aspects of our lives, making our lives easier, why should this not be applicable in refueling? We call this proactive refueling. We developed a smart low cost remote monitoring solution that notifies and reports via a cloud based application, any alarms and notifications from the generator controller, which can include the fuel level. When we know what the fuel level is and when it is running low, we contact our customers and organise the refueling for them, saving time and hassle. The remote monitoring solution also reads all the other available telemetry from the generator controller. This can include various important information such as mains failure, mains restored, battery voltage, mode, any alarms that have been triggered and many more depending on the type of generator controller. Notifications are sent to us and the customer via sms and email, our customers have access to a web portal and run-time reports and other reports are generated. We call our solution the Genie Remote Monitor because quite frankly, it is genius.

We have a dedicated team of professional and experienced remote monitoring and refueling experts as well as fully equipped compliant delivery vehicles with drivers that are highly trained. We operate 24/7/365. We are the right choice to make.

Don’t Compromise Your Business

…by being unprepared during a prolonged power outage!